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Grape seed extract from Spain

Supplier offers transparency and sustainabilityDr Behr Traubenkern

For a long time, we could not supply you with grape seed extract. We had several samples from different suppliers tested for pesticide residues and had to refuse again and again.

Now, we have finally found what we were looking for: the Spanish producer, who obtains the grapes from the region of La Mancha, only has to use pesticides to a limited extent due to the dry climate, so that we can finally offer goods that meet our quality requirements.

You attach importance to the content of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC)? We regularly have the total proanthocyanidins measured in a German laboratory using the DMAC method or Kelm (NP-HPLC).
• 95 % polyphenols
• EU origin
• Sustainable production

From the raw material to the extract at one site

The grape marc is produced by water extraction in a plant certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14011.

From 2021, spray drying will also be integrated into this plant, so that in the future we will have a product that is completely in one hand, from extraction and drying to quality control.

Sustainable production

We are particularly pleased that the manufacturer has also made sustainability a priority. This starts with the raw materials: the marc containing the grape seeds is a waste product of wine production.

Our supplier uses neither oil nor gas for production, but thermal energy obtained from grape biomass. And thanks to the bioethanol production, the plant is CO2 neutral.

Soon available: grape seed extract in organic quality

Soon, we will also be able to supply you with grape seed extract in organic quality. Here too, the grape marc from the region of La Mancha is used.

You want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact us!