Spirulina powder, China

Arthrospira plantensis


Product nameSpirulina Powder
Botanical nameArthrospira platensis
Product code
Shelf life4 years
Storage conditionsStore in well closed container in a cool and dry place.
Composition100 % Spirulina powder
IodineProduct is a freshwater algae with low iodine content.
Country of originChina
Test ItemSpecificationMethod
AppearanceDark green fine powderVisual
Odour & TasteSlightly like seaweedOrganoleptic
Protein≥ 60 %Kjeldahl Method
Moisture≤ 8.0 %Oven Drying Method
Minerals / Ash≤ 10.0%Dry Ashing Method
Lead (Pb)≤ 3.0 ppmDIN EN ISO 17294
Arsen (As)≤ 2.0 ppmDIN EN ISO 17294
Mercury (Hg)≤ 0.1 ppmDIN EN 15763
Cadmium (Cd)≤ 1.0 ppmDIN EN ISO 17294
Mesh size80 meshSieve analysis
< 50 μg/kg
< 10 μg/kg
ASU §64 LFGB L07.00-40, HPLC-UV/FLD (tested by German lab.)
Total plate count≤ 5 x 10⁵ cfu/gEP
Yeast & Moulds≤ 5 x 10⁴ cfu/gEP
Enterobacteriaceae≤ 1 x 10³ cfu/gEP
E. ColiNegative /gEP
SalmonellaNegative /25gEP

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