Dr. Behr offsets CO2 emissions

Another step towards climate neutrality

Dr. Behr imports his raw materials from a variety of ports throughout the world.

Since we are constantly working to further maximise sustainability in the company and minimise the carbon footprint, we determined how much CO2 was emitted by shipping our goods in 2018 and then offset these emissions.

For this CO2 emission compensation Dr. Behr collaborated with the German non-profit association PRIMAKLIMA. Since 1991, this association has been committed to the conservation and enhancement of forests, also in compensation projects that comply with the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Gold Standard. CDM, i. e. emission reduction projects in developing countries, is one of the mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. The ambitious Gold Standard ensures that the projects not only make sense in terms of climate policy but also in terms of development policy.

CO2 footprint becomes more complete

Since 2017 already, Dr. Behr has been delivering goods to its customers with the UPS carbon neutral shipping option. With this option, UPS supports projects that offset the emissions caused by transporting the goods.

Together with the climate compensation for the sea transport of our products, we have ensured climate neutrality for a large part of the transport chain of our products for 2018. And will continue to do so for the years to come.

Would you like to know more about our commitment? Feel free to contact us!

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