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Miglio, estratto secco

Panicum milliaceum


Product name Panicum Dry Extrakt Revised 11/2019 Version 2
Botanical name Panicum milliaceum
Product code 10553
Shelf life 2 years
Storage conditions Cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Part used Seeds
Extract solvents Water
Carrier ≤ 10% Maltodextrin
Extract ratio 10:1
Country of Origin China
Test Item Specification Method
Appearance Light beige to light brown powder Visual
Particle size 100 % through 80 mesh USP26
Loss on drying ≤ 5.0 % USP26
Heavy metals ≤ 20 ppm USP26
Lead ≤ 3 ppm USP26
Arsenic ≤ 2 ppm USP26
Cadmium ≤ 1 ppm USP26
Mercury ≤ 0.1 ppm USP26
Bulk density ≥ 40g/100ml CP2005
Tapped density Report only CP2005
Total plate count ≤ 5 x 10⁴ cfu/g CP2005
Yeasts & moulds ≤ 5 x 10² cfu/g CP2005
E.coli Negative/g CP2005
Salmonella Negative/25g CP2005
All information is non-binding, subject to change

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