New products in our micro-algae range

High degree of purity thanks to closed production system

Kilometre-long glass tubes, pure drinking water from Austria, biogenic CO2, nutrients (phosphates, nitrates, trace elements) and sunlight—thanks to a novel and patented technology that’s all what it needs to produce high-quality micro-algae.

In the “hanging gardens” of ecoduna AG in Austria, which are made of glass and stainless steel, micro-algae can grow under ideal conditions.

Additionally, the production process is environmentally friendly and sustainable, as it binds CO2 and releases oxygen as “by-product”.

The closed production system prevents contamination and that different species are mixed and thus ensures a high degree of purity of the harvested algae biomass: 100 % vegan, GMO-free, no toxins, harmful environmental substances or heavy metals.

As with all of our products, regular analyses in accredited laboratories verify the high quality.

From now, you can purchase ecoduna’s extracts and powders of spirulina, chlorella and omega-3 algae from us.

You would like to know more about the innovatively produced micro-algae? Or you wish an on-site consultation appointment together with an ecoduna specialist? Feel free to contact us!

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