Chia und maca from very close up: Dr. Behr travelled to the growing region

Quality is our number one priority. And for us reason enough to convince ourselves of the quality of chia seeds and maca we offer directly at our suppliers.

Chia: 99.98 % purity

First, our journey brought us to our supplier of chia seeds in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. The country’s largest city and economic centre is around 550 km southeast from the capital La Paz.

Northwest of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, beneath the Cordillera Oriental mountain chain, fertile lowlands open up. Here, at an altitude of approximately 400-450 m, chia is grown and was just harvested when we visited our supplier.

After harvesting, it is very important to clean the seeds very carefully to remove dust and small stones. Additionally, the storage conditions play a major role: when stored incorrectly, chia seeds may become infested by mould or their ingredients may suffer.

Our supplier has one of South America’s most modern cleaning facilities to clean the seeds and therefore can ensure a purity level of 99.98 %. After cleaning, the chia seeds are stored at a constant temperature of 16-18 °C and a humidity of 50-60 % – for you to benefit from high-quality goods until the next harvest.

Maca: esteemed ingredients, unique taste

Our journey then continued to Peru where we visited the Valdivia brothers, our most important suppliers of maca. The Valdivia family have their lands in the region around Huallanca town and cultivate their maca at an altitude of approximately 4 300 m.

The precious root is still harvested by hand, and we could convince ourselves of the good quality and careful processing.

We would like to take this opportunity to again emphasise that we always receive our maca from Peru and directly from the producer. We do not offer goods of Chinese traders who add other substances to maca. Only maca from the Andes, which has been dried and processed in the traditional way, contains the typical substances and guarantees the unique taste.

Also view the pictures we made during our journey!

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