Dry extracts from Rhodiola and Chaga

Both products are collected from the wild

It protects the environment and enables access to precious raw materials that can form a high nutrient density at their natural growth site: the sustainable and natural wild collection.

We are pleased to present you two new products, which are collected from the wild: Rhodiola and Chaga.

Rhodiola rosea L. from Russia

To harvest Rhodiola, the root of the plant is carefully dug out of the ground. The speciality of the sustainable wild collection of Rhodolia: part of the root remains in the soil so that the plant can recover. And the exact location of the harvest is noted: before Rhodolia is harvested again in the same region—usually after seven to ten years—it is checked whether the plants have fully recovered.

The subsequent gentle vacuum cavitation extraction process with water and ethanol as extraction agents ensures that more than 85 % of the ingredients are retained, which is also reflected in the high contents of rosavin (≥3 %) and salidroside (≥1 %). After gentle low-temperature drying, the root is ground to a light brown, fine powder.

Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) from Siberia

Chaga is a unique mushroom that grows naturally on birch trunks, sucking the « life force » out of them. The environmentally friendly harvest of the mushroom body frees the trees from the parasite, giving them the chance to recover and continue living. The mushroom is harvested all year round in the Altai Mountains in Siberia.

Here, too, the extract is obtained in a vacuum cavitation extraction process; water serves as the extraction medium. Before the mushroom is ground to a fine brown powder, it is dried at low temperatures. The extract is characterized by the following active substances: 1.3/1.6-beta-glucans, polyphenols and food minerals.

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