Dr. Behr in Peru for quality assurance

Successful on-site audits

The variety of natural products available in Peru and South America, respectively is virtually inexhaustible. For those who want to keep track of products and trends, Expoalimentaria is exactly the right place to come to.

However, this year again, the exhibition was not the only reason for us to travel to Peru – we also used the opportunity to audit important suppliers.

First, we toured the region around Lima and focussed on vendors that process quinoa.

Exacting standards also with finished products

We were impressed by the high technical standard and level of automation, but also by the professional processing into finished products.

These products are exported to many countries around the globe, where they enjoy great popularity as small and quickly prepared meals.

The production of these premium products depends on a correspondingly high quality in the previous stages. And we could convince ourselves: all of our suppliers work according to ISO and GMP standards.

New provider of organic products

Afterwards, our journey took us to the Cajamarca region – around a one-hour flight away from Lima –, which is characterised by broad grazing lands and thus is Peru’s major dairy centre.

Here, our new supplier of organic products carefully and dedicatedly processes, for example, golden berries (physalis), cocoa and mangos from the Amazon region and maca, quinoa and many other products from the Andes region.

And during our visit, we were able to ascertain that the company complies with the high quality standards and professionally processes the products according to the ISO standard.

It is always fascinating to watch the passion Peruvian companies put into the treatment and processing of their products.

And we are delighted to offer our customers a part of South America’s magnificent variety of products.

Soon, we will receive a delivery with several items – at you can always stay up to date with incoming goods!

You would like to know more about the audits? Feel free to contact us!

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