Plant extracts: Safe manufacture, safe products

Dr. Behr at supplier in China

Botanical extracts have traditionally been one of our most important product groups. So, it is no wonder that we set great store by offering our customers maximum product safety. Our recent journey to China to visit our supplier therefore was dominated by plant extracts.

Raw materials from all over the world

China is the world’s largest producer of plant extracts. The raw materials for them, however, not only come from the own country, but are ordered throughout the world.

The grape seeds for our grape seed extract, for example, are purchased from winemakers in the Palatinate in Germany. But our partner also processes blueberries from Finland and cranberries from Canada.

The company is one of the three major extractors in China and will soon commission extraction facility for ginkgo on its eleven-hectare premises. In addition to grape seed, ginkgo, rhodiola, cranberry and red clover extracts, we also buy a number of other premium extracts here.

Besides the enormous GMP-certified manufacturing plant, particularly the comprehensive laboratory technology for assuring quality and developing products impress. The raw materials from all around the globe are stored in large halls, both in dry storage and deep-frozen at minus 18 degrees Celsius.
Unfortunately, so-called manufacturers more and more frequently replace valuable ingredients with inferior substitutes difficult to detect and thus offer fake extracts. Reputable manufacturers in China – like our supplier – are surprised that some German and European customers no longer consider the products’ quality and reliability a top priority, but search for the cheapest price. As you know, we do not make any compromises when it comes to quality!

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