Dr. Behr visits supplier

Quality assurance for our spirulina powder from China

This time, our trip to China took us to Yinchuan in the Ningxia Province south of the Gobi Desert, where the Inner Mongolia Spirulina Park is located—an industrial park exclusively for spirulina and chlorella producers.

Here, our supplier cultivates the microalgae spirulina in long water basins under polytunnels in conventional quality and in future also in organic quality. And that’s not all: the well-equipped laboratory, which is part of the production facility, can carry out all important product quality tests directly on site.

Hence, this supplier—one of the largest in Spirulina Park—meets our demands in terms of reliability, quality and sustainability. And all that at a fair price.

The green microalgae is a “classic”

For Dr. Behr, spirulina is more than just a “traditional product”: in the company’s history, it is the product of the first day. In the 1970s, the chemist and company founder Dr. Winfried Behr imported the microalgae directly from Mexico and established it as a classic among dietary supplements on the European market.

Since then, it has been a regularly sought-after and popular product in the Dr. Behr range.

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