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Chlorella em pó, Coreia

Chlorella vulgaris

Product nameChlorella Powder
Shelf life3 years
Storage conditionsStore in well closed container and in dry and cool place
CultivationBy closed sterilized bio-reactor
Country of originSouth Korea
Test itemSpecificationMethod
DescriptionGreen powderVisual
Odour & tasteCharacteristicOrganoleptic
Loss on drying< 5.0 %FCC/USP >731<
Residue on ignition< 6 %FCC/USP <281>
Heavy Metals (as Pb)≤ 10 ppmUSP<231> Method II
Lead (Pb)≤ 1 ppmFCC, Lead Limit test
Cadmium (Cd)≤ 1 ppmAtomic Absorption Spectrometry
Mercury (Hg)≤ 0.1 ppmAtomic Absorption Spectrometry
Arsenic (as As2O3)≤ 1 ppmFCC, Arsenic Limit Test
Iron≥ 10.0 mg/100gAtomic Absorption Spectrometry
Bulk density> 0.3 g/mlUSP<616>
Tab density> 0.4 g/mlUSP<616>
Crude protein≥ 50.0 %Kjeldahl Method
CGF Chlorella growth factorReport only (typical: > 0.4 Abs)UV/ Spectrophotometry
Existed pheophorbide< 50 mg/100gUV/ Spectrophotometry
Total pheophorbide< 70 mg/100gUV/ Spectrophotometry
ChlorophyllReport only (typical: 2000mg/100g)UV/ Spectrophotometry
Other materialsNot includeVisual inspection
TAMC< 5 x 10⁴ cfu/gEP
TYMC< 5 x 10² cfu/gEP
E. ColiNegative /gEP
SalmonellaNegative /25gEP
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