Vitis vinifera


Product nameGrape seed extract, 95% PolyphenolsRevised 4/2019
Botanical nameVitis vinifera L.
Product code13109
Shelf life2 years
Storage conditionsStore in unopened container in a cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Part usedSeeds
Extract solventsEthanol + water (30:70)
Carrier /ExcipientsNone
Extract ratio10-12:1
RemarksColour variations can occur from batch to batch due to seasonal variations in the raw material. The colour change will not affect the quality of the product.
Natural products can be hygroscopic and may agglomerate sometimes. It ist suggested to sift the product before use.
Country of originRaw material: Germany; Powder: China
Test ItemSpecificationMethod
AppearanceLight reddish brown powdervisual
Particle size100 % through 80 meshCP2010
IdentificationConfirmTLC & HPLC
Proanthocyanidins≥ 95 %Bate-Smith
Polyphenole≥ 95 % (Catechin equivalents)UV-Vis (OD 280nm)
Polyphenole≥ 70 % (Gallic acid equivalents)UV-Vis (Folin-C)
Loss on drying≤ 5.0 %CP2010
Total ash≤ 1.0 %CP2010
Bulk density≥ 0.30 g/mlUSP35
Tapped density≥ 0.45 g/mlUSP35
Residue solvents< 5000 ppmUSP35
Pesticide residuesMeet requirements of USP35USP35
Heavy metals≤ 10 ppmUSP35
Arsenic≤ 2.0 ppmUSP35
Lead≤ 3.0 ppmUSP35
Mercury≤ 0.1 ppmUSP35
Cadmium≤ 1.0 ppmPh. Eur.
TAMC≤ 5 x 10⁴ cfu/gPh. Eur.
TYMC≤ 5 x 10² cfu/gPh. Eur.
E.colinegative /gPh. Eur.
Salmonellanegative /25gPh. Eur.

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