New at Dr. Behr: Hytolive® with natural hydroxytyrosol


It is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. It may protect against arteriosclerosis, inhibit platelet aggregation, slow ageing, whiten the skin, protect against inflammation, and much more. We are talking about hydroxytyrosol.

The polyphenol extracted from virgin olive oil scavenges free radicals in the human body and may thus have a health-promoting effect there. Clinical studies confirmed this positive effect. Click here and here to see examples of studies.

The worldwide pioneer in extracting natural hydroxytyrosol is the Spanish company Genosa I+D. It manufactures its product Hytolive®, which contains 25 % hydroxytyrosol, with a patented method that uses no solvents, but solely physical and mechanical separation processes.

Are you curious and wish to learn more about the unique properties of Hytolive®? Simply ask us, we are happy to assist you!

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