New and exclusively from Dr. Behr: Chitosan from Iceland

Natural dietary fibre from the sea

In Germany only at Dr. Behr: ChitoClear® and LipoSan Ultra®. The Icelandic marine biotech company Primex ehf gains the basis for these products—chitosan—from the North Atlantic, namely from the shells of cold-water shrimps.

And the manufacturer attaches great importance to quality: Primex adheres to the HACCP principles and is certified to ISO 22000.

ChitoClear®—the purest chitosan available

It is not only thanks to the high quality of the raw material that Primex is able to offer extremely pure and efficient chitosan, but also thanks to its unique processing technology.

Odourless, colourless and tasteless—thus ChitoClear® can be used in many personal-care products and is considered a good alternative to widely-used synthetic substances.

However, chitosan’s fat-binding and other positive characteristics can also be used for further applications, for example in food supplements, for intestinal health or the immune system.

And ChitoClear® can also be utilised in cosmeceuticals to support skin hydration or in animal health to promote wound healing.

LipoSan Ultra®—a natural supplement that binds considerably more fat than other chitosan products

The patented LipoSan Ultra® mainly also consists of chitosan from cold-water shrimp shells but has been modified and optimised.

LipoSan Ultra® thus can bind seven times more fat than chitosan from crustacean shells and twelve times more fat than fungal chitosan.

These and other product properties have been proven in several clinical and in-vitro studies. Example

Convinced of the two products’ potential and quality, we are delighted that Primex ehf selected us as exclusive distributor for ChitoClear® and LipoSan Ultra® in Germany.

You wish more information on the unique features of the products? We are happy to assist you!

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