Expoalimentaria in Peru – marketplace for superfoods

012c210e0fa592dbb2f6148cfb0fca1986db82f0e3Dr. Behr concludes a contract for 40 tons of an organic cocoa product

Very much in the spirit of our company founder – Dr. Winfried Behr, who enjoyed a high reputation in the producer countries – every year, we visit the Expoalimentaria in Peruvian Lima, and have been doing so since its inception. It is considered the marketplace for superfoods and is a must for those who want to stay up to date on traditional South American foodstuffs and the trends in this field.

expoalimentariaDuring our last visit, we were confirmed in our strategy: it was a good and the right decision to establish potent supplier structures in South America at an early stage, because the superfoods sector continues to grow dynamically.

And we are pleased that we were able to conclude a contract for the import of 40 tons of an organic cocoa product.

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