Up-to-date information on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic (Friday, 20 March 2020)

In the following you will find information about the most important effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Dr. Behr GmbH’s business activities.
Last update: 16 April 2020

Office and warehouse

According to circumstances, office and warehouse operations are running normally. Most office staff work from their home offices. The warehouse operation is organised so that a transmission among employees is not possible. We are still delivering our goods without restrictions, provided that the destinations are not affected by local restrictions.

We will remain available for you by telephone and e-mail.

Supply of raw materials

Above all there are supply restrictions for products from Asia, especially from China and India:

Even though recent news from China have been positive, local transportation is still impaired considerably. More and more flight connections are being cancelled, and because of EU entry restrictions many carriers have completely stopped their services. In addition, air freight prices have tripled with the few remaining connections. Considering the information we have received from our suppliers, we assume that this situation will unfortunately worsen in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed!

The situation in India changes several times a day and is almost impossible to predict: companies can be affected by closing orders at any time, which means that operations must be stopped immediately and firmly promised goods cannot reach us for an indefinite period of time. Hence, our commitments may also be invalidated 24 hours later.

In short, at the moment, we are unfortunately not able to make any reliable statements with regard to delivery dates. Basically, this applies to all countries from which we receive goods by air and sea freight, but especially for goods from India.

We ask for your understanding that we may be forced to adjust delivery dates subsequently and that we cannot make any reliable promises. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and will keep you informed about new developments.

We wish you, your employees and your family to stay healthy during these exceptional times.

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