Our Christmas present arrived

Starting into the New Year with optimistic news

Bolivia still is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Precarious housing conditions, inadequate health care and insufficient access to education is a common occurrence here. Particularly children and adolescents often have no prospects for the future.

We are therefore all the more delighted that our Christmas donation to the registered association “Bolivien-Brücke e.V.” can make a small contribution to supporting a day nursery in the indigenous city of El Alto. Here, children receive educational support and a warm meal. However, the financial resources are not only used to, for example, renovate the nursery: every year, the association also sends a volunteer to provide on-site support.

The regular German reports of the volunteers can be read here. We thank the association Bolivien-Brücke e.V. and all volunteers for their valuable work!

Learn more at – your donation is in good hands with them!

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